Surprise: nativists object to multilingual “America the Beautiful”

Folks, let’s be honest.  I’m not a fan of Coke.  It’s a terrible product and it does terrible things to our bodies.  It’s not so good for Colombian union leaders, either.  And you really couldn’t find a person who is less enamored of the Super Bowl or Super Bowl ads in general, what with their unquenchable thirst for hegemonic masculinity and rampant misogyny, etc.

But I gotta say: Good on ya, Coke, for your ad this year.

Nativists everywhere are clutching their pearls over the horror of it all.  Nicely done.  I’m still not buying your products though.



2 thoughts on “Surprise: nativists object to multilingual “America the Beautiful”

  1. Jim Groom

    I msut admit I partake of the dark waters of imperialism on a regular basis, in many ways its part of my identity at this point. And that’s what this commerical reminds me of, how much Coke understands the role products play in our identity, and they are so damn good at it. I’d finish up this comment, but I am getting very thirty jsut writing this….

  2. The Ambivalent PhD Post author

    You’re not kidding, Jim. Coke really is a master of identity advertising. What surprises me (although it really, really shouldn’t) is the massive outrage spawned over this warm and fuzzy version of the changing demographic structure. Probably the least confrontational representation of diversity possible, and yet.

    Now go drink your coke.


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